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That time I met a fortune-telling duck

That time I met a fortune-telling duck Posted on April 20, 2017Leave a comment

Let’s be clear – this ain’t no ordinary duck…or is it?

I met Bobbi and his(?) owner, Laura-Kay Prophet, on Vancouver’s Granville Street downtown, where he was in a plastic box being wheeled down the street. Laura-Kay is somewhat of a local celebrity, with the moniker “Vancouver Duck Lady”, who now sells little rolled up scrolls of paper with fortunes on them (for the small price of $1).

I wish I took a picture of that scroll but I can’t remember it being very interesting. It was some standard fortune-teller message, followed by plenty of information on Laura herself and her duck(s?) named Bobbi. Given that she’s been doing this since 1984, there must’ve been many Bobbi’s in her career, and as you can see on her blog, each of them are commemorated with a separate blog post.

Laura-Kay Prophet with Bobbi
Me with Laura-Kay, Bobbi & my sis

Laura gave me some food to feed Bobbi with, thereby luring me to give her a few dollars for the petting sesh (and a fortune scroll). Unlike birds on Temple Street, that hop out of their cages to literally pick your fortune, Bobbi had no part in picking my scroll. But maybe the sheer fact that he was next to the bucket held some influence.

Psychic or not, Bobbi and Laura-Kay are legends of Granville Street, so be sure to snap a pic when and if you see her!

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