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When in Tuscany: La Taverna di San Giuseppe in Siena

When in Tuscany: La Taverna di San Giuseppe in Siena Posted on October 15, 2016Leave a comment

You can’t really go wrong with restaurants in Tuscany, or Italy, for that matter, but one of my favourites in Siena is La Taverna di San Giuseppe.

Located on a hill just 300 metres away from Piazza del Campo, the family-style restaurant is built into a real cavern dating back to 1100 with actual wine cellars dug in. The tables are made of solid wood and each of them are unique with stories to tell.

taverna san giuseppe

It’s not uncommon to see the founders Marco & Matteo in the restaurant serving staff as well, where the ambience is lively, warm, firm yet friendly.

As for the menu, it’s quite large with traditional Tuscan dishes such as bean stew, homemade pastas with ragout, local types of sausages, Florentine steak, mushroom and truffle specialties and my favourite part, a full page of desserts!

I highly recommend the sheet pasta with pumpkin, Tuscan bean stew, tiramisu and (MY FAVE!) the forest berry meringue with ice cream. As for the meat dishes, I didn’t try any as I don’t eat meat.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re Siena-bound! 

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