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@HairbySarmad is Vancouver’s best balayage artist

@HairbySarmad is Vancouver’s best balayage artist Posted on August 11, 2016Leave a comment

If you’re looking for the best ombre hair stylist in Vancouver, look no further cuz Sarmad is your guy!

After living in HK for NINE years (omg, it’s been that long!), I’ve been suffering from an evil curse of bad hair. I’m talking razors, straight perms, orange colour, curly perms, half-straight half-curly perms, inverted V-shaped bangs, flat-head hair, wispy bits and straight up ugly hairdos for the past 9 years okay?

So, seeing that I go home to Vancouver once a year, I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but I finally got my senses back (and basically shoved the ‘Asians know Asian hair better’ rule out the door) and started looking up ombre hairstylists on Instagram.

Bit of history:

I’d been stalking Guy Tang for YEARS and asking HK stylists to help me do something like that, but their usual reply was:

“Oh that’s just natural sun-kissed hair.”
“She’s not Asian, you can’t do that with Asian hair.”
“No ploh-blum lah.”

Proceeds to bleach out my hair, just to dye it back to black/blue/brown/green/grey again. He did this THREE. TIMES. Needless to say, I didn’t let him try again and demanded a full refund. My hair damage, however, could not be reversed.

Anyhow, when I walked into Sarmad’s salon the first time, he, unlike most hairstylists who turn me away due to my super damaged and wacked out hair texture, decided to do a strip test before coming to any conclusions. After 30 minutes, the strip of hair turned a beautiful blonde colour, and so I was booked in for the next week just like that!

The entire treatment took just about 4 hours and I went from nasty bronze/orange hair to this:


I paid around CAD 300 which includes the colour and cut, which is a steal compared to what Hong Kong top stylists charge (who have no clue what ombre is, btw) so if you are in Vancouver or heading there soon, check Sarmad out!

Instagram: @HairbySarmad


If you end up going to him, tell him Erica said hi!


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