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Beyond stroopwafels: 7 things you gotta eat in Amsterdam

Beyond stroopwafels: 7 things you gotta eat in Amsterdam Posted on October 26, 2016Leave a comment

As a former resident of Amsterdam (2004 to 2008), I often get asked for resto recs and tips to the city. Although a lot has changed over the years and the city’s become more foodie focused, this list of eats that I wrote via email ages ago and have been forwarding around.

Having just been there in September, the list is still pretty legit!

1. SPANG MAKANDRA:  Surinamese food! Try the bakabana (fried plantain banana), bara (spicy Indian bread), nasi (rice)/bami (noodles) goreng mixed dishes, loempia (spring roll), mmm so good! Note: Closed Mondays!! Address: Gerard Doustraat 39, Very nearby the Heineken museum and Albert Cuyp Market. PS. They are extremely busy around dinner time, so expect a queue!

2. ALBERT CUYP MARKET: Get a whole smoked mackerel fish and pick it apart to your liking, and also look for the man who makes giant stroopwafels fresh from the machine! Delicious, hot piping, caramelly cookie… mmm!

2a. Go into any ALBERT HEIJN supermarket and buy -ready made stroopwafels, -chocolate/vanilla VLA (a type of pudding that’s a bit runnier than the usual one, really good!) -blocks of Gouda cheese for snacking on – QUARK/KWARK yogurt, the Danone one is really good for dipping grapes/strawberries into or eating on its own, thick but deliciously creamy and 0% fat, unbelievable!

3. CAFE DE KLOS: best ribs in Amsterdam and maybe the world!?, giant slabs as big as two large human hands, tender, without sauce, flavoured with spices on an open grill! Address: Kerkstraat 4, near the Leidseplein

4. DE BAKKERSWINKEL: – best scones on planet earth!! They have the best homey atmosphere, I recommend the one in the Westerpark, it’s this small brick house with picnic tables inside and out, right by the canal. Go for a plain scone with clotted cream and homemade berry jam. ITS HEAVEN. Address: Regulateurshuis 1, Polonceaukade 1, Westerpark OR they have one in the Centre but less homey: Zeedijk 37.

To-die-for appeltaart at Winkel 43.

5. SINGEL 404: Best open faced Dutch-style sandwiches!! Address: Singel 404 nearby the Spuiplein and Flowermarket. Sit down with a nice goat cheese with honey and walnut sandwich or my fave tuna with melted cheese on fresh baked bread and use your knife and fork to dig in! Also don’t forget to get a koffie verkeerd (caffe latte) and enjoy your cookie on the side 🙂 Try to sit outside by the canal or upstairs.

6. Try a Turkish pizza (Lahmacun) with chicken kebab wrapped in. There are lots of these Turkish kebab guys on the Ferdinand Bolstraat behind the Heineken Museum. Don’t forget the sambal (hot sauce) and lots of knoflook saus (garlic)… delicious as a snack! Otherwise you can take your chances with some of the random Turkish kebab joints, most of them are good!

7. WINKEL 43 – best apple taart in the world. Lots of soft, cinnamon-y apple chunks surrounded by a crunchy crust and topped with a swirl of fresh whipped cream. Order one for each person cuz you won’t wanna share! Don’t forget the koffie verkeerd (latte) to wash it down 🙂

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